Best Sports Apps for iPhone and Android in 2022

Whether you love playing sports or viciously follow your favorite teams’ matches, you are bound to find an app that can enhance your experience even more. On this list, you can discover everything from fitness apps to boost your training regime to sports betting apps that allow you to wager on match results in your favorite sports league.


ESPN is one of the most popular sports apps in the US. It has high rankings on almost all review sites, which is not surprising. Watch all the major leagues like NBA and NFL and tune in to international soccer tournaments too. This app has a bit of everything.

Sports betting apps

Rather than listing one specific betting app, we have left this one open. That’s because betting laws vary across states, and you will find different ones for each location. New Jersey's betting portal is a great example of this. Here, you get a list of the best betting apps in the area, and many are available in other states too.

Bleacher Report

This app is brilliant if you want easy access to customized sports news about your favorite sports team, including the latest scores and gossip. Keep track of rankings, predictions and other handy information that is tailored to your interests.

Fitness apps like Freeletics and MapMyRun

Those who prefer playing sport rather than watching it are going to love these fitness apps. Freeletics gives you a personalized workout based on the information you provide upon downloading the app, while MapMyRun tracks your pace and fitness.

If you want quick, easy access to sports results but without all the articles and news popping up all the time, the Livescore is a good one. It’s user-friendly, quick to install and you always have the latest result at hand when you need them.

BBC Sport

If you love sports like soccer, then BBC Sport could be a good one for you as the sport is huge in Europe. Overall, this is the perfect one to download on your phone if you love following the big events like the World Cup, Olympics Wimbledon, Six Nations and more.

Spyn sports activity finder

It can be hard to find the right sports activity near you, but with Spyn your search gets a little easier. With this app you can look for sports clubs, activities and coaches near you and connect with other players. A good way to make new friends while getting into shape.


Strava is an exciting cycling app for all those who love hitting the road on their two wheels. You can track your progress and compare yourself to friends and other riders, join challenges and connect with social sports networks. There is even a running feature too.


Sleeper is a fun app for those who enjoy playing fantasy football, basketball and esports. Manage your own team and compete with your friends, send messages and gifts and test your skills as a real sports manager with your own team.



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