Simple Tips To Share The Love On Instagram This Valentine's Day

The Day of love is fast approaching, and everyone is ready to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. If you're a sweetheart, you're probably thinking of yourself, how on earth can you share your Valentine's Day love with your Instagram followers?

These cute people are obsessed with your content and are happy with your brand.

Well, this Valentine's Day, we're coming to the rescue in eight different ways that you can share the love with your Instagram audience.

Ready to get started? Let's dive into this love festival! For Share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day.

8 Ways to share the love on Instagram app on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon. As you go through the days of giving everyone in your class a Power Rangers Valentine and a heart-shaped red pop, intelligent businesses know they have something to offer their customers on Valentine's Day. Why not use social media to get your message across?

Here are eight fun ways to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day.

1. Run a 48 Hour Flash Sale

Share the love on Instagram hashtags; I've seen some brands do this specifically over the years, which is a strategy to consider! If you want to surprise your audience, encourage followers to become subscribers and share some Valentine's Day part that loves Flash Sale or just the Instagram discount code to tell your audience about your offerings. A great way to get excited.

2. Host a Competition

This is the best way to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. It's easy enough for your community and a lot of fun.

Follow our best tips for hosting a successful Instagram contest and show your audience how much you care about a grand prize.

3. Share Happy Customer Stories

This is the best way to share the love on Instagram captions. Got some wonderful customer stories from year to year? Or even in business last year?

Now collect some beautiful graphics using a tool like Kenova to tell a story on Instagram stories or share a carousel post on your Instagram grid so that your audience can swipe and read the story like a storybook.

This is a unique way to share a love for Valentine's Day, so give it a try!

4. Change up your feed

This is another best way to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. Plan your feed colors to match Valentine's Day's pink and red colors from the beginning of February to the 14th. Not only will this give your gram an impressive aesthetic, but it can increase your IG engagement - people are more likely to interact with your brand content if it's timely and seasonal.

5. Create a Valentine's Day Video

This is the best way to share the love on Instagram on Facebook. Did you know that in 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos (Source: Zenith Media)? Making videos for social media doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Try downloading Boosted, a video-making app with professional, ready-to-go templates.

6. Share your love…for your IG community!

You probably don't usually think of your followers as your Valentine, but hey - without them, you wouldn't be digitally where you are today! Share a complimentary post or story (the more sincere and authentic, the better!) Please explain in detail the specific reasons you appreciate them and their support.

7. Put together a last-minute gift guide.

This is best way to Share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. Valentine's Day is now the second-largest business day in the United States. Total spending is expected to reach $ 21.8 billion in retail revenue in 2021! Set up a gift guide (last-minute gift guides work great too!) And share it as a story and carousel post. Bonus points if you add your products or services to your roundup!

8. Host an Instagram Live Video

This is the last best way to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. The most fantastic thing about Instagram Live is that it allows feature brands to show their face and connect with their audience on a human level.

Email your followers via Instagram grid post that you will be going live on Instagram Stories to celebrate Valentine's Day. During this video, you can:

  • Answer the questions and answer the questions.
  • Share a demo of one of your products and offer discount codes to attendees.
  • Show details of your special 48-hour discount.
  • Announce an Instagram gift/contest.


These are the best ways to share the love on Instagram this Valentines Day. Try these ideas to make your day special. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to use daily Instagram stories to show a little love for your customers, increase sales for your business, or make loved ones feel special.



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