Retail Ready Packaging: Meaning, Requirements, Types, and Benefits

The fast-paced era of the eCommerce industry has inspired a lot of new and innovative ways to offer more user-friendliness and convenience for customers. Packaging, as one of the most important aspects of product marketing, comes across as an efficient yet convenient way to implement those ways.

Suppliers are actively considering retail ready Atlantic Display Packaging for their products that proves to be both cost-effective and customer-friendly. Here’s what you should know about Retail Ready Packaging.

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

Retail Ready Packaging also goes by the name, shelf-ready packaging and it could mean any kind of bin, sleeve, box, tray, or any other packaging material that can be used in its original form for display upon arrival at a store. As the name suggests, the packaging is already retail ready which means it doesn't need to be removed from its container to be displayed on the shelf. The container itself serves as a display unit for the product.

Retail Ready Packaging Requirements

As a merchandiser, when someone decides to invest in retail-ready packaging, there are a few things that must be considered. They are listed below:

  • Easy to shop: Retail-ready packaging should serve to the advantage of both seller and the customer. It allows easy access to the buyers and maintains cost-effectiveness and marketing for sellers.

  • Easy to open: To offer better convenience, retail-ready packaging should be easy to open and provide a seamless experience to people for enhanced user-friendliness
  • Easy to identify: One of the best perks of retail ready packaging is they are pretty easy to identify even from a reasonable distance. It offers great convenience for both the customers and staff who are on a duty to restock shelves.
  • Easy to replenish: For products that don’t come with retail-ready packaging, replenishment can take up a huge chunk of your valuable time. By making products easy to identify, retail-ready packaging allows the restocking of multiple products with little item interaction.
  • Easy to remove or recycle: Environment-friendly packaging is really important to consider in today's time. Retail ready packaging proves to be great in that regard, whether the packaging needs to be thrown out or recycled.

Types of Shelf Ready Packaging

  • Reusable Plastic Trays

Plastic is one of the most common reusable materials that offer great convenience during packaging. Shelf-ready packaging that comes in the form of plastic trays can be re-used by the store. This reusable plastic can then be returned to be a supplier or can be re-used to cut down on waste.

  • Merchandising Units

Merchandising units offer a unique way of displaying products away from the shelf. They are placed for seasonal purchases as a free-standing unit. Some common examples of it would be, Holiday gift-giving, Back-to-School merchandising, etc.

  • Shelf Trays

Made of corrugated cardboard, shelf trays come with products already placed inside and ready to be displayed on the shelf. It also contains a perforated cover that covers the unit while shipping, which is then removed at the time of display.



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