How to Plan a Romantic Outdoor Wedding Party

A wedding is a beautiful occasion no matter where or how it takes place. That said, it is everyone’s dream to celebrate this important milestone in the best way possible. Probably no one would argue that few man-made venues can compete with the beautiful outdoors. Be it a sunny beach with the ocean as the backdrop or a charming garden with greenery and flowers all around, outdoor weddings have something ethereal about them. If your big day is coming up and you are considering taking the reception outside, we have prepared a few tips that will help you in the planning process. Read on!

Pick a venue

Unless you already have a place in mind (such as your family home’s backyard,) the first thing you will need to do is pick the right location for your big day. Each terrain has its pros and cons so try not to choose purely based on your preference. For instance, beach weddings are surely romantic but don’t forget how windy it can get! On the other hand, lush foliage may be refreshing to look at, but it may involve bugs like mosquitos. Places like parks may not be entirely restricted, so your party will not feel as private and intimate. Try to scout options and write a list of pros and cons of each if necessary! Knowing the disadvantages will help you in the further planning process, too.

Make your outfit outdoor-friendly

Unless you want to feel uncomfortable the whole day, taking the outdoor conditions into account when planning your bridal ensemble is a good idea. The most obvious thing you want to pay attention to is your shoes. If you have chosen a sandy beach or a potentially muddy lakeside as your venue, high heels are going to be a pain. No one is going to see your shoes under your gown anyway, so allow yourself some liberty and freedom of movement with flats, low-heel sandals, or wedges. The rest of your ensemble might need to take the season into account: a summer wedding might call for a breathable dress so that you’re not on the verge of heat-stroke by the time you say your vows, while a wedding during the cooler season might call for a cozy wrap.

Mind the flowers

If you are to have your wedding in the summer heat, that may mean a few special considerations for your décor, too. Fresh flowers are naturally the most beautiful décor out there and they are a staple for any wedding. However, some flowers may not take the heat that well. Talk to your florist and choose varieties that are a bit hardier and will be able to hold out a tad longer. Flowers that are in season during your wedding are going to be more affordable and will take the heat better, too. You can also combine fresh with artificial or dried flowers, berries, and other decorations to mitigate the wilting. In any case, be sure to arrange the flower decorations to be put out right before the event.

Keep the guests comfortable

Being outside is fun before it is uncomfortable. Whether it’s the blazing sun and humid heat or the chilly evening with a chance of rain, an outdoor wedding calls for a few extra steps to make sure your guests are going to feel comfortable at all times. In the summer, make sure that the venue has plenty of cool shade where guests can take a rest from the heat. Have cool drinks at hand at all times. If, on the other hand, a chill is expected when the night falls, equip the venue with outdoor heaters for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Be sure that the place has enough restrooms and if not, rent a few portable ones by all means! Other commodities that may not be a bad idea to prepare for guests to use are sunscreen, towels, blankets, bug spray, hand fans, hand sanitizer, and whatever else you see fit.

Find a reliable wedding supplier

While renting an indoor venue for your big day usually means that you won’t have to sort out necessities like chairs and tables yourself, hosting an outdoor reception might very well do. Even if you’re only doing a small backyard wedding, chances are, you will need some backup. Don’t worry, all you need to do is find a wedding supplier and hire the things you need, from the furniture through décor items all the way to cutlery and glassware. Make sure the supplier carries items that fit your wedding’s theme to keep things consistent. For instance, Northern Beaches Weddings & Events offers a wide range of necessities in multiple styles for Sydney receptions. Be sure to visit a warehouse or two to find what you like.

Be prepared

Weather is never 100% predictable, so there are a few extra considerations to take in the case of outdoor parties. We already talked about ensuring that your guests feel comfortable at all times. However, if a downpour surprises you, a few sunshades and heaters will not cut it. Every outdoor wedding needs to involve an alternative of sorts; a covered space where you can comfortably move your entire wedding party to stay dry. You can hire tents, or pick a venue that comes with an indoor part as well. It’s a good idea to prepare umbrellas just in case, too.

Plan the menu

Finally, what is a wedding reception without food! However, if you are to party outdoors, some foods may not be as suitable as others. Naturally, in the summer heat, desserts that can easily melt can lead to catastrophe. The same goes for products with dairy that will spoil easily in the heat. Meat and fish should not be kept out for long, and all food should be covered to keep bugs away. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it does require some extra planning. Consult with your caterer regarding the best solutions.


While organizing an outdoor wedding may involve some special considerations, it will all be well worth it when you look back at your photos with the beautiful natural backdrop. Once you’re done with planning the reception, you can move on to exploring the honeymoon destinations that are going to be popular this year. These are some of the most important events of your life, so don’t hold back!


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