Are you thinking of taking a hiatus from the holiday hub and packaging ideas for Valentine's day? Think again! We know you want to catch your breath, but now is the perfect time to plan your business Valentine's Day packaging.

While Christmas tends to take people into a clever, homely mood, you'd better pack your Valentine's products right now to make it a ready-made gift. Split your merchandise with some of our creative packaging ideas for Valentine's day this season:

Packaging ideas for Valentine'sValentine's day at home

These are the following packaging ideas for Valentine'sValentine's day flowers or

packaging ideas for Valentine'sValentine's day gifts

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best packaging ideas for Valentine's day. Whether you're selling classic diamond engagement rings or handicraft necklaces, you're sure to see an increase in foot traffic as Valentine's Day approaches. Be prepared with some beautiful gift boxes to keep your belongings. We love pastel colors and romantic roses on our everyday bow boxes, and they are ready to use for complete convenience. Craft jewelry boxes are easy to seal or embellish with your brand, and they come with a cotton fill to protect the inside of the gift. Add some foam or batting to the polka dot heart box to keep your jewelry safe.

2. Flowers

If there's one day of the year with flowers, it's Valentine's Day! Be prepared to upgrade your bouquet packaging to make an extra splash on the big day. Enhance your standard cellophane bouquet wrap with deco mesh in luxurious metals. For a rustic look, use tulle or lace fabric instead. Don't forget to finish with a lovely, wide ribbon - these extra touches will enhance your Valentine'sValentine's creations for additional effect.

3. Baked Goods

This is another one of the best packaging ideas for Valentine's day. Bakers and confectioners should also plan for the busy Valentine's Day season. Heart-shaped tin cans are a great way to make your packaging a lasting gift until the pleasures inside are gone. If you regularly pack items using white cardboard or kraft paper, consider going pink for Valentine's Day to make your cake gift items pop. Gable boxes with ribbons and two-piece gift boxes are easy to prepare ahead of time and fill up as needed, and we have them in festive colors and beautiful polka dots for even more Valentine's fun!

4. Gift Baskets

Whether you're a craftsman, baker, or candlestick maker, Valentine's gift baskets are a great way to showcase your products and sell to your customers - and designing can be a lot of fun! Traditional-made baskets are always a good choice, and you can make a lush bed of bundles or tissue paper to add color and padding. But don't forget that you can also make "baskets" for gifts from anything. We are partial to bentwood boxes and steel hair. Store on cellophane to tie it all together ahead of time.

5. Clothing and Linens

This is one of the best packaging ideas for Valentine's day. For delicate items, traditional gift boxes with removable lids are easy to prepare ahead of time, so all you have to do at the point of sale is fold the item neatly and close the box. You can pre-decorate the lids to your liking or choose the deluxe matte finish boxes that are pre-decorated.

6. Godiva 2017 Chocolate Packaging

Is it Valentine's Day if you don't get chocolate on February 14? This is one of the best college care package ideas for Valentine'sValentine's day. Although Godiva uses the same packaging structure as most chocolate boxes, it sells itself to these male gift buyers through its playful design and quirky graphics. We can only guess how many girls got one of these boxes in 2017.

7. Socks Appeal

Valentine's day is not just for girls, and what better way to tell your partner that you love them and give them some socks and love them? This Valentine'sValentine's gift is perfect for those out there, cleanly branded with repeatable heart patterns and a deep, rich color palette. This is one of the excellent packaging ideas for Valentine's day.

8. Valentines Tea

Is it still wrong to buy your mother Valentine's gifts? Harrods doesn't think so, with their eccentric designs featuring floral patterns and pastel colors inscribed by the mother. We are sold! We hope she's still buying for us.

9. Starbucks Valentines Cups

A blast from the past, the 2012 Starbucks is one of the best packaging ideas for Valentine's day Cup is still one of our favorites. Love is at the heart of their design (quite literally), but the handwritten typeface captures all the different meanings of love drawn on the strings of our hearts!


These are the best packaging ideas for Valentine'sValentine's Day. No matter what your business is best for, there is always a way to display your items with stylish packaging. On Valentine's Day, pack your bags for extra romance and watch them fly off the shelf!



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