10 Useful Tips on Editing Photos for Instagram in 2022

Keeping your Instagram feed consistent and looking catchy is a must if you use this social network for running a creative business, blogging or promoting a personal brand. To share images on Instagram, you don’t necessarily need to hire a photographer or master advanced image editing programs.

Following these tips, you will amaze your followers with fascinating content on a regular basis. Besides, you will learn some expert recommendations to bring your image editing workflow to the professional level.

H2 1. Take High-Quality Original Photos


Alt: edit photos for instagram original

Editing low-quality photos is a fool’s task no matter what professional instruments you use. That’s why you should do your best to take sharp and clear originals. Keep the following things in mind while photographing.

Lighting. Shooting in natural lighting is the best-case scenario. However, in most cases, you have to work in less favorable conditions. In this situation, you can still get decent photos by activating the HDR mode on your smartphone. This is necessary for shooting in dim lighting, while taking portrait photos, and snapping images outdoors.

Exposure. Adjust the exposure before taking pictures. Most smartphone cameras do this automatically, but you'll get a better shot if you manually “save” the lightest spot in the image. Besides, you will have fewer defects to fix at the editing stage, as overexposed and underexposed photos are difficult to improve, especially if you're not a professional photographer.

Size. The best photo size to upload to Instagram is 1080×1080 px. In the web version, square photos are displayed with a size of approximately 600×600 px. For horizontal images, the recommended aspect ratio is 1.91: 1. To preserve image quality, use the height of at least 1080 px.

H2 2. Crop Photos

Alt: edit photos for instagram cropping

Though Instagram can crop an uploaded photo and adjust to the format automatically, it is better to do it manually in a photo editor. Thus, you can preserve high photo quality and center the elements of the image as needed.

In addition, you can correct compositional imperfections, e.g., rotate an image in order to eliminate a tilted horizon. Crop photos to 1×1 for square images and 4×5 for portraits.

H2 3. Get Rid of Spots and Minor Imperfections

Alt: edit photos for instagram imperfections removing

Use a feature-rich program to edit Instagram photos and improve details. With the help of simple tools, it is possible to remove stains on clothes and objects, pimples on the model’s face, small objects or debris accidentally caught by a camera, etc. In case you need to remove large objects or people, use more advanced photo editing software, such as Photoshop Express or Lightroom Mobile.

H2 4. Set the White Balance

Alt: edit photos for instagram white balance

If you took a photo in artificial lighting that gave a yellowish tint, you need to adjust the white balance in the first place. Altering WB, you can adjust the overall temperature in an image, making it colder or warmer.

Picture editing programs (such as Lightroom or Snapseed) have intuitive sliders to adjust this parameter. You can experiment and see how a photo will look with different settings. In addition, by changing WB, you can give your image certain shades, e.g., blueness or purple haze.

H2 5. Adjust Exposure and Contrast

Alt: edit photos for instagram contrast

When you edit photos for Instagram, you need to be very accurate with exposure and contrast. Amateurs and novice photographers often get under- or overexposed images, which require meticulous editing in special programs. Apply changes gradually not to whiten light areas or leave dark parts underexposed.

You also need to adjust contrast. Depending on your idea, you can lower contrast, so that the light and dark areas are approximately in the same tone. Or you can raise contrast if you want to highlight bright elements and emphasize shadows or dark pieces.

H2 6. Correct Brightness and Saturation of Colors

Alt: edit photos for instagram saturation

You need to correct colors in your pictures, based on the chosen style of Instagram feed. The two main parameters are brightness and saturation. You can apply changes to the entire color gamut, but you’ll get better results, if you adjust every primary color in an image separately. Lightroom is the best program for correcting colors.

H2 7. Alter Sharpness  

Sharpness is another important parameter to fine-tune when you perform Instagram photo editing. If you want a sharper photo, you need to raise sharpness and do the opposite for a blurry effect. However, this method works only for images with proper focus, otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired outcome by simply adjusting sharpness.

H2 8. Apply Filters

Alt: edit photos for instagram filters

If you want to spruce up your photos with eye-catching effects when the main editing part is over, feel free to apply filters. For instance, VSCO has a rich collection of free and paid filters, ranging from monochrome shades to artistic effects.

H2 9. Enhance Photos in the Instagram Built-in Editor

If you need to edit Instagram photos https://fixthephoto.com/how-to-edit-instagram-photos.html in a quick way or don’t feel like using third-party programs, you can take advantage of Instagram built-in editor. First, upload your photo and go to the Edit tab. All tools and features are available there.

Filters. Instagram offers a number of filters to change the tone of photos, add certain effects or make a picture black and white. Click on every filter to see which one fits your image best of all. You can adjust the intensity of any filter by clicking it one more time and adjusting the sliding scale from 0 (no effect) to 100 (full effect).

Adjust. This setting defines the orientation of a photo - horizontal or vertical. On Instagram, horizontal orientation is preferable for photos in the feed, and vertical - for stories.

Warmth. Drag a slider rightward to apply orange tones and make an image warmer, or move it in the opposite direction to imbue a photo with cold, blue shades.

Fade. Use this option to make your photo look like it was faded in the sun.

Highlights and Shadows. These parameters determine how dark or bright different parts of a photo are.

Vignette. Move the slider to make the edges of a photo darker, while keeping the central area brighter.

Tilt Shift. Choose “linear” or “radial” focal point, and blur the rest of the frame.

Using an Instagram photo editor https://fixthephoto.com/instagram-photo-editor.html, you can also change such parameters and brightness, contrast, saturation. If you are interested in more sophisticated tweaks, you need to look for advanced third-party apps.

H2 10. Use Free Editing Options of Various Photo Apps

Alt: edit photos for instagram apps

As a rule, seasoned photographers and bloggers use several free photo editing apps https://fixthephoto.com/free-photo-editing-apps.html. Thus, they can adjust all parameters and achieve a professional outcome.

I have prepared a list of the top program for Instagram photo editing.

Lightroom. This is one of the most popular software for image post-production thanks to a great variety of professional instruments. Here you can adjust exposure, remove noise, fix WB issues, correct shades, retouch skin, and more.

The most notable feature of this program is preset support. You can create your own presets or upload ready-made ones and apply them to batches of pictures to maintain a uniform style across your Instagram feed. Besides, Lr copes well with RAW editing.

Snapseed. This application excels at image cropping. It offers lots of cropping options and allows rotating and compositing images.

Facetune. If you mainly need to edit portrait photos, this app is bound to satisfy your needs. It contains multiple instruments to alter the shape, size, and facial features of every person in a group image. Besides, it has tools for body reshaping.

VSCO. The application appeals to users with 10 free presets and allows getting even more (200+) by upgrading an account. Image editing tools work flawlessly when you adjust contrast, saturation, face, and other parameters. Moreover, you can save your favorite combo of edits for future use.

Hootsuite. There is hardly another application that is so convenient to use when you need to edit photos and output them to social media networks. It allows scheduling posts in a straightforward manner, adjusting dimensions of pictures based on specific requirements, as well as fixing lighting and saturation defects in no time. Those interested in creative polishing can make good use of filters.



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