10 Tips to Get a Decent Job after College

Many graduates struggle to find jobs after college because of the backbreaking tussle for the few jobs in the outside world. Others also struggle to land decent jobs after college because of little networking, poor communication skills and lack of experience.

If you're already a graduate or about to graduate, you do not want to fall in the bracket of graduates who find landing good jobs a challenge. This guide explores ten simple but surefire strategies to get a decent job after your graduation. Keep reading.

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How do I get a Job after Graduation with no Experience?

Graduate job anxiety isn't a new thing. Therefore, if you find yourself panicking already because you haven't landed a job, do not despair so soon because you are not alone.

A relatively common recommendation you may find effective when job hunting is to know much about the job you wish to be employed. If you are looking for a marketing job, for example, you may want to begin by reading the top marketing books. Here are a few more powerful tips to make your job hunting less stressful.

Revamp your CV

Having an updated CV is a common recommendation when looking for a job. Nonetheless, it carries a significant weight that makes mentioning it on this guide worth it.

Your CV should be top-quality to increase your chances of being considered for a face-to-face interview. If you're just coming from college, it would help if you make your CV two pages since most recruiters prefer candidates with two-page résumés. Be sure to include all your key skills, qualifications, your interests and preferences.

Volunteer or get an Internship

You will need some experience to be able to outmuscle other candidates easily. Volunteering or getting into an internship program is a perfect way to get this experience. Be sure to volunteer or get into internship programs in the fields of your interests or fields that are very closely related to the ones you're interested in. For example if you like education, work as an a virtual SAT tutor.

Extracurricular Activities

If you're just fresh from college, even your soon-to-be employer understands that you lack experience. However, lack of experience may not hinder you from being picked for certain positions that require skills like leadership, management, marketing, and teamwork.

You can show that you have these skills by being part of societies in the college or joining a sports team. Demonstrate how you can translate the experience you got in the extracurricular activities into the role you wish to fill.

Show that you're Knowledgeable

Recruiters prefer candidates that are knowledgeable in the roles they wish to fill. You can demonstrate to your potential employer that you're knowledgeable by identifying your accomplishments and including them in the CV.


The advancement in technology has made networking today effortlessly. Take advantage of this to engage with different but relevant groups of people on social media to expand your network and increase your presence.

Create your LinkedIn Profile

Ninety-five percent of hiring managers are on LinkedIn, so creating a profile on that platform will bring you even closer to potential employers. Make your profile complete to showcase your skills and accomplishments. If you have volunteered or completed internship programs, consider reaching out to your former project managers or bosses for endorsements on LinkedIn.

Strategic Planning

There are days when you have higher chances of securing jobs than others. Weekdays, for example, are good days to send your cover letters and résumés because there are high chances of getting them opened. If you get an opportunity for an interview, try to get the first slots. This may also enhance your chances of being remembered by the interviewers.

Get Creative

Your creativity could give you the edge over other applicants. You can stand out from the other graduates by making business cards with your details. You can make an impression by using phrases like ‘soon-to-be next to the job/position you're eyeing in the business cards. Hand delivering your letters may also make you stand out.

Build a Professional Website for yourself

Forbes reports that over 50 percent of recruiters are impressed by job candidates with personal websites. You can use the website to showcase your skills, display work samples, and demonstrate your knowledge about a specific topic or field. Web builders like WordPress make building websites easy. If you are not a techie and struggle with these builders too, you may consider hiring professional web developers.

Find the Companies you would like to Join

Take some time to research recruiters of interest. If they have websites, check vacancies or employment pages and check if they have openings for graduates. Make good use of search engines for this purpose. You will need to frame your searches to get relevant results. If you were looking for assignment help for example, you would use ‘do my assignment’. In this scenario, you can search; ‘hiring graduates XYZ. Replace XYZ with the companies of interest.




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